About us

We want to carry tourists, hikers and travelers by wild places, ancient and remote that reveal the real identity of the southernmost mountain in Italy, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. There is a legacy of history, culture, traditions, gastronomy, biodiversity and beauty that few persons know: each of our proposal is a synthesis.
We offer trekking, nature and cultural tours, tourist and gastronomic trips.



12511848_10208462030858028_1225573930_nDomenico Vitale has a diploma in environmental forestry science and is an official guide of the Aspromonte National Park. He has also been a member of the Aspromonte Alpine Club for 12 years. For several years, he has been involved with the development and promotion of the Aspromonte region, as well as more generally in Calabria. Thanks to Domenico there have been numerous collaborations between the Aspromonte National Park and the Gran Paradiso National Park concerning protection, research, conservation and biodiversity. He has also participated in numerous nature and tourism training courses in school environmental education. From 2010 to 2012, Domenico was coordinator for the ‘fruit at school’ project in Reggio Calabria.


Foto Nicola CasileNicola Casile is a passionate hiker and traveller and official guide of the Aspromonte National Park. He has a diploma in environmental forestry science and is working on a thesis entitled ‘The development of mountain areas through networks and thematic trails.’ Nicola holds a Masters degree in environment and marketing and is a member of the professional body of agriculturalists and forestiers in the province of Reggio Calabria. He takes part in the GEA – the Aspromonte Hiking Group. He is a writer, dealing with issues of territory, environment, society and durability, published on a number of websites and online magazines. He has worked with a number of schools in public projects on environmental education. In 2015, he published a book entitled ‘Trekking Journal of the Cammino del Brigante”.

Foto Sandro MilardiAlessandro Milardi is passionate about nature and his land. He is a member of the Aspromonte part of the Italian Alpine Club and is also an official guide of the Aspromonte National Park. He holds a diploma in natural sciences and currently teaches natural sciences and chemistry at secondary school level in Reggio Calabria, collaborating with school bodies to work on environmental education projects. He has a wealth of knowledge of the territory, thanks to years of experience in environmental monitoring in private and public laboratories. Since 2008, he has collaborated with several associations in the region with a view to creating groups for the environmental and social recuperation of certain villages in the Grecanique Aspromonte region.




Michele Mafrici fotoMichele Mafrici is an official guide of the Aspromonte National Park and a teacher of natural sciences at secondary school. He is also a hiker and is passionate about mountains and nature. He has a diploma in forestry and environmental science and a doctorate in agroforestry engineering and the environment. He hasas run training courses abroad and many conferences on environmental issues (Pon, Por and IFTS projects). Michele also holds numerous expert posts in forestry and was environmental expert at the ‘GAIA@ Environmental Experience Centre, organised by the Calabria region through CREARE network (Coordination Centre of the Regional Environmental Education Network). He is the author of several scientific publications at both national and international level.



pasquale_okPasquale Barreca was born and lives in Reggio Calabria. He holds a diploma in forestry and environmental science, with a passion for hiking, trekking and passing on traditions of food, wine and nature. He is a member of numerous volunteer associations with a view to preserving the environment. His love for the mountains led him to become an official guide of the Aspromonte National Park, and now he looks forward to showing you the wonders of the region.





Foto Antonino LabateAntonino Labate started coming to the mountains at a young age as a member of the scouts, which led him to appreciate the knowledge of the area and its ecosystems. He holds a diploma in environmental and forestry science from Mediterranea University in Reggio Calabria, and while working on a thesis on the theme of hydrogeology he collaborates in the prevention and protection of environmental breakdown. He has furthered his passion by becoming an official guide of the Aspromonte National Park.