The Aspromonte massif is the highest mountain range in Southern Italy, at the extreme south of the country. Those discovering the area for the first time are enchanted by its beauty ; once discovered, the desire never ceases to return and discover more. Geologically, Aspromonte resembles the mountain chains of the Alps more closely than the Apennines.
Nature here is wild and untamed. Yet traces of the past are everywhere. Over the years, these mountains have been travelled by or provided refuge to the the Ancient Greeks and Romans, hermits, fugitives, bandits, shepherds, herds of wild animals and all sorts of plants.
Aspromonte rises dramatically from the centre of the Mediterranean. Rivers, wild or quiet in turn by the season, weave their way across the mountains, creating innumerable waterfalls, gorges and streams, sculpting from one coast to anathor as they do from one valley to another. they are among the most beautiful sights that the range has to offer.
The people of the Aspromonte reflect the contradicitons of the land itself. Reserved but welcoming, quiet but with a thousand stories to tell, wild yet wise. They are at once the opponents and the fierce guardians of their territory, that has often been stripped of parts of its forest. Its slopes are dotted with “ghost villages” and other unmissable sights.
The Aspromonte region challenges stereotypes. It fascinates and astonishes, seducing those who come to visit it. The distant howl of wolves from the highest peaks hints at the deepest mysteries of this region, which begs to be explored and travelled.